Here at GermErase, we’re always striving to be the best we can be. And the only way we can do this is by listening to the people who our products are created for. That is why we decided to do some case studies and speak with business owners from the wide range of different businesses that use our product. We wanted to put GermErase to the test and find out how we can best help meet as many diverse and unique business needs as we can!

Below, you’ll find a summary of the feedback we received from Alessandro Mancini, CEO of Mancini Legal, a law firm based in Sussex.

Mancini Legal

Mancini Legal is a law firm with offices in Horsham, Haywards Heath, and Crawley. They employ around 25 to 30 staff who work both in-house and remotely on both an employed and consultant basis. The law firm itself covers a wide range of legal matters including employment law, conveyancing, wills and probate, family, and more. Mancini Legal is a family-run UK business that has been operating for 11 years.

How Covid-19 changed their working and hygiene practices

Unlike many businesses, during the pandemic lockdowns, the Mancini Legal offices remained open as they are key workers. To help keep their staff safe, Mancini Legal introduced partitions throughout the offices to separate employees as much as possible to different rooms and areas. They also reduced the number of staff in the offices at any given time by staggering working hours.

To ensure their offices were kept as sanitised and protected as possible, they not only continued to have cleaners come in every Saturday, but they also would have a deep clean every time a member of staff tested positive for the virus. This proved to be an expensive endeavour costing around £300-400 a time! Therefore, finding an affordable and effective sanitiser, disinfector, and protector to keep their staff safe is vital for their business.

The products they had been using and how they compare to GermErase

Mancini Legal had previously been using Zoono because of its claims for 28-day efficacy, and it was recommended by their cleaning company. While they have had no real issues with the product, Alessandro did state that he felt they were incredibly expensive. At £19.95+VAT for 5 litres, GermErase is far more affordable than Zoono, which charges £112 per 5 litres.

GermErase has undergone the same testing as Zoono and has also received a positive 28-day residual result. Unlike Zoono we don’t claim this as we are unsure that it is a robust methodology, and we believe in being as transparent and truthful as possible to our customers. This is why we instead rely on our PAS2424 test results, which guarantee our product continues to kill germs on surfaces for 24 hours after application as this is a more robust and proven test method.

Mancini Legal also used Clinell wipes around the offices, mainly because they have a high efficacy (99.99%). Clinell is a long-established brand that uses similar chemicals to GermErase (Quats) but at a much higher concentration. GermErase’s fully biodegradable wipes (coming soon!) contain fewer active chemicals and have a higher kill rate of 99.999%. Making them more effective and more green.

First impressions

Alessandro was particularly impressed with the bold, bright, and eye-catching GermErase branding. As it really stands out and looks great. He also mentioned how the lack of scent and the texture of the hand sanitiser was unusual compared to other sanitisers he has used before. The fact it is alcohol-free and water-based means that the product doesn’t evaporate as quickly. However, this is not a bad thing since many don’t realise that for an alcohol-based sanitiser to work, you need it to stay on your hands for 60 seconds. This requires a lot of product to actually work, as it often evaporates before then. A small amount of GermErase goes a long way, begins to work in under 30 seconds, and it continues to kill germs until you next wash your hands. Alessandro did not find the lack of scent to be a bad thing, although he did say some people associate strong alcohol or disinfectant smells with disinfecting. But, on the plus side, you don’t end up smelling like a bottle of booze!

Final thoughts

Mancini Legal plans on continuing to use GermErase products throughout their offices, and Alessandro also intends to use them personally too. He was very happy to learn that the two products he felt we were missing (smaller travel-sized hand sanitiser and wipes) are products that we offer. He was also pleased to discover that GermErase can be used on all surfaces, including medical equipment, and that it has been Boeing aircraft, WoolSafe, and CleanSeal certified.

Author: Emily Marcham