With hundreds of (often sweaty) users touching free weights, cardio machines, exercise mats, and more every day, gyms have always been breeding grounds for germs. But the pandemic has raised the importance of gym hygiene to never before seen levels. Following a 52% drop in UK revenues and a 20% drop in memberships in 2021, 56% of gym-goers today expect gyms to be completely germ-free. And where gyms are unclean, customer satisfaction rates have fallen from 83% to 43%, and retention rates from 90% to 52%. 

As a result, most gym owners face additional logistical and financial tensions as they seek to limit the risk of spreading germs while compensating for lost revenues and time. At GermErase, we’re not only committed to helping gyms achieve the highest cleaning and hygiene standards. We’re also determined to help every gym owner do so with minimum effort, disruption, and cost. Therefore, we’ve come up with our top 3 tips to help gyms can adapt and thrive post-pandemic.

1. Innovative Gym Hygiene

Today, the gyms most likely to thrive are those with the best hygiene protocols. Not only is a dirty gym disgusting and unpleasant for staff and customers, but it’s statistically more likely to lead to massive drops in customer satisfaction and retention rates. 

Busy gyms may find they have the problem of equipment rarely being free to clean, or people not cleaning up after themselves. That’s where a product like GermErase 24hr comes in. It kills 99.999% of germs and has a residual efficacy of 24 hours on surfaces and between washes for hands. So disinfecting once a day and wiping down equipment between uses actually will work with this product. Our wipes are also great for leaving around the gym to encourage customers to sanitise themselves as they’re simple, easy to use, and they work on both hands and surfaces. 

Plus, no matter how much you use it, unlike alcohol-based disinfectants, GermErase won’t harm expensive gym equipment (GermErase has been tested by Boeing and certified as safe to use on aircraft – so a treadmill is a ‘walk in the park’ to disinfect) or your customers’ hands

All this means that there’s less disruption to people’s exercise, staff and customers can be secure in the knowledge that everything is cleaned to the highest possible standard, and your gym saves costs on employees and products.

2. Become a Hybrid Gym

Many people still want to work out from home occasionally for many reasons. There’s no commuting involved, no need to arrange childcare, and no potential embarrassment from exercising in front of others. Most importantly, working out at home means not having to risk catching any bugs or dealing with dirty gym equipment. But, gyms aren’t obsolete thanks to a wider range of equipment, and motivation from instructors, classes, and socialising. 

Therefore, try offering hybrid memberships where people can attend online classes as well as in-person ones. This means that even those who are reluctant to risk being there physically, or just don’t fancy it on that day, can still enjoy the gym experience. There’s no need to put on separate classes either, you could simply live-stream any classes taking place.

This may also have the added benefit of encouraging new members who may wish to try an online class first to see what it is like or who want to build their confidence up before joining. Digital classes also mean that people who are sick but feel well enough to do some exercise can participate without infecting others.

3. Think Outside the Box

Finally, gyms can stay fun and relevant by thinking outside the box. Come up with new and exciting classes and events to encourage people to see your gym as more than just somewhere to sweat it out because they have to. 

Fun and nostalgic exercises that remind customers of their youth like hula hooping, trampolining, or skipping are on trend currently. Or how about hosting family-friendly parent and child classes? Why not host group party-vibe classes with live music, or try combining gym or wellness classes with wackier ideas, like dog/wine/anything yoga or even zombie apocalypse training (yes, that’s a thing). We could go on, but you get the idea… variety is the spice of life and what modern-day customers want. 

New exciting classes, alongside a flexible membership and excellent hygiene practices, will not only keep your existing customers happy but will also encourage new people to join.

Author: Emily Marcham