GermErase combines two breakthrough innovations

The first is a patented mix of low-concentration biocides (Quats) that deactivate and kill a broader spectrum of germs at ultra-low levels of toxicity. The second is an abrasion-resistant electrostatic bond that binds the biocides to a surface. This ingenious design creates a peerless sanitiser and  protector, killing up to 99.999% of pathogens over an extended period. All while being kind to the environment and your skin.

Conventional disinfectants and sanitisers work by killing germs as they are applied. Active ingredients, such as alcohol, eliminate microorganisms from a surface by attacking their fatty cell walls. However, these solutions are only effective when the surface is wet. After drying out, they provide no ongoing protection, which increases the chance of recontamination.

GermErase, in contrast, sanitises and forms a long-lasting protective barrier against viruses, bacteria, fungi, moulds, and spores. With each application, our patented low-concentration biocides are held in place by an electrostatic bond for up to 24hrs. And once in place, the biocides can get to work, synergistically attacking a broad spectrum of germs over and over again.

It’s a formulation that delivers unrivalled efficacy and the highest levels of protection. And it’s why we say GermErase is quite simply the smarter way to sanitise and protect against germs.

99.9% isn’t good enough. Many disinfectant products on the market today boast a 99.9% efficacy rate. However, a 99.9% product would still leave one thousand harmful pathogens behind on a surface with one million pathogens. With the extra 0.099% efficacy in GermErase, only ten pathogens remain. Now that’s a big difference!

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